Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Uncommon Grounds...Smells Delicious!!

Well, the new coffee shelf is officially complete! Here's how it was finally finished:

After gluing on the loose piece that fell off (with Gorilla Glue, of course) the shelf was ready to be painted. I chose a maroon-ish pink color since I'd used that on a previous project for the kitchen. (I haven't blogged about it, but I turned a picture frame from Goodwill into an awesome grocery list chalkboard to keep near the pantry. MEGA-helpful when trying to write my grocery list.)

I used the same color for both projects. It just made sense... (Don't judge my randomness of items!!)
 I painted the shelf once, sanded it again, and painted it a second time. I always feel like two coats is a must, in case I miss a spot, and sanding it after the first coat makes it smoother in the long run. After the second coat, I shaded part of the front with a dark maroon craft paint. Really, no one will notice but me; but I felt better knowing I put a little detail into it. :) 

Done with both coats of paint.
Once it was dry, the bf and I tried to figure the best way to hang it on the cupboard. I was all about using a saw tooth hook but he wanted more stability so opted to get some 3M Velcro hangers. He cut them in half lengthwise and secured them to the back of the shelf and TA-DA!! Ready to be hung up! 

The bf surprised me by having it hung up and ready to go when I got home the other day. I was so excited to finally put the project to good use. Luckily I discovered that we have exactly 7 different boxes of K-cups in the cupboard so this project couldn't have worked out any more perfectly. I was SO excited to fill it up with coffee and tea. 


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