Sunday, June 8, 2014

Table For One...Plus Another

Since I haven't accomplished much this weekend, I decided to make it Project Sunday! I have a few things that I wanted to work on, including the Iowa Hawkeye table. 

What started out as "Project Sunday" almost turned into "The BF is going to absolutely kill me Sunday". THANK GOODNESS I paint over an old curtain when I'm in the garage. I was painting the table legs, turned the table, and knocked over an almost completely full can of black paint. ARGH! Luckily, all of it spilled in the middle of the curtain so no harm done...except to my ego. How embarrassing; I've never done that before. :/

After the BF helped me clean up the mess (and save most of the paint) it was back to work. I painted the table legs for the second time. Hopefully that'll do it for the base of the table. 

Now, for the tabletop! Yay! The fun part! So, to start off I traced a tiger hawk off the internet. My drawing skills are so/so but I decided if I wanted it to look great, I'd have to have some sort of official template. After tracing the outline on to tracing paper, I placed the paper on the tabletop and traced it again which made nice indents in the wood. This worked out great, except I had to be REALLY close to the wood while painting the outline, to make sure I was right on. Next time I'll probably use transfer paper so the lines are easier to see. 

I painted around the outline of the tiger hawk with my black paint and a very small paintbrush. (Disregard the paintbrush in the picture, that's the one I was using on the legs when I gracefully knocked over the paint...) 


After the outline was done, I used the big paintbrush to finish off the first coat of black on the table top. And...wah-lah, the table is almost finished!!

Hopefully I only have one more coat of paint on the top and I'll be ready to work on the drawer. Until then, I hope you had a great weekend! :)

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