Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt...

Hi, photographer here, ready to talk about my first project...code name: The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt. Yep, no rhyme or reason at all to the name. :)

I found my first project by shopping around on Craig's List. I found an old crappy, beat up, & forgotten dresser that needed a lot of lovin'. The previous owner painted it with an amazing green crackle paint (which I discovered later was NOT easy to remove).

So far, I've pretty much taken it apart... Apparently, in some crazy accident, the drawer fronts must have fallen off in a past life. It was "fixed" by screwing the fronts back on to the drawers. Neat!! No worries here though, I'm removing the drawers anyway.

What once has fallen, will rise again! Stay tuned for more updates on Teddy...

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