Sunday, April 8, 2012

Deep Waters

Photographer here again with a brand new project; bigger and better than ever before!

My boyfriend bought a new (to him) boat and I've decided to take on the project of spiffying it up, i.e. removing and refinishing all of the woodwork.

It isn't in horrible shape so i figure that sanding, staining, and finishing it should do the trick. So far, I've removed part of the trim, hand sanded it, stained it, and coated it with polyurethane. And, it looks great!

Pieces removed, not yet sanded.
The right piece has been sanded, the left is what it looked like before.
There is more to come in the upcoming days!! There are quite a few pieces that need to be worked but it's going well so far. Hopefully i'll have new updates soon. 

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