Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Deep Waters - lap 3

Man, this boat is really coming along...and quickly! While i've been playing around with all the wooden trim and Magic Erasers, the bf has laid down new carpet and fixed the motor. (He knows his stuff, no?!)

The floor board storage cover, apart and ready for sanding.
Today I spent the evening putting the last coat of finish on all of the trim, we attached some of the trim back to the boat, and I cleaned up some more of the vinyl. Seriously, this boat has made a complete transformation in the last two weeks; I can hardly believe it's the same vehicle!

The cup holders reattached to the console. I think this is going to be my favorite part of the boat! ;)
I won't be around tomorrow to help finish everything up but hopefully by Friday the boat will be completely finished. Once the bf finishes waxing and spit shining her up, she'll be ready to go. After all this work, I'm pretty sure we deserve a few adult beverages and a relaxing night on the river.

Vinyl shined up, carpet down, & some trim reattached. In the background you can see the seats have been removed & deep cleaned & the remainder of the wood has been refinished.

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